Improving Feedback — A redesign for the blood glucose meter from Medisana AG: How can interaction be more personal and easier to understand?

Supporting people with diabetes

project info

With the MediTouch 2, Medisana AG offers a compact blood glucose meter with a small display. The medical device is a low-cost entry-level model and works with analogue test strips that react to glucose. MediTouch 2 supports people with diabetes in measuring their blood sugar daily and reminds them to check their blood sugar levels regularly. Additionally, up to 480 determined values are saved, which are used to calculate average blood sugar levels and detect problems early on. For example, if a value develops abnormally, the device automatically warns its owner.

Personal and secure

For the redesign of MediTouch 2, I didn’t want to limit myself to my findings from analysing the device. So instead, I spoke to people with diabetes, diabetologists and paramedics about their experiences.

First, the existing interface was optimised by labelling soft keys, so their function is way more apparent. An easier to understand language and the introduction of help texts improve first-time users’ experience. In addition, clear and unambiguous feedback was established so that people with diabetes have clarity on whether the test strip was recognised correctly. The main focus of the redesign is a ux that makes interaction with the MediTouch 2 more personal and, at the same time, communicates a sense of security.

Measuring blood sugar

The primary function of the MediTouch 2 is blood sugar level measurement. Users take the device, clip in a test strip, which takes up a few drops of blood, and the measurement starts. The user now receives constant feedback on whether the individual steps have been successfully completed. This ensures that the blood glucose meter delivers exact results and gives people with diabetes a sense of security. The animated icons provide instructions, while audio signals and tactile feedback confirm entries.

Feedback and hints

Users can carry out a control measurement to check if the device works properly. The feature also calibrates the MediTouch 2 before using it for the first time. To visualise the measurement results, I established a friendly character. This way, the device as a partner in daily life also becomes more personal and likeable. The user immediately sees if the process was completed successfully based on the facial expressions.

The reminder feature ensures that users don’t forget to regularly measure their blood sugar levels. A vibration alarm works as an inconspicuously but noticeably alert.

In addition, I created an animated icon set to visualise hints, indicate progress and give the MediTouch 2 a warm and friendly personality.

System messages and errors

Various factors can limit the functionality of the blood glucose meter, such as empty batteries, too low ambient temperature or faulty hardware. As people with diabetes are dependent on the medical device, it’s essential to phrase error messages clearly and allows users to react actively to the problem, e.g. by restarting the device or by repeating a process.