Hangul Academy — Learn to read and write Korean script in 15 minutes: a typographical introduction to the Hangul writing system for beginners

From Berlin to Seoul

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Most of my typographical projects involve the alphabetic Latin writing system. But over time, I got curious about other scripts: How does typography actually work with phonetic languages such as Korean?

Minjoo Ham’s talk »Connecting Scripts: Building bridges between Latin and Hangul« at typo Labs 2018 forms the basis for a small introduction to the Korean writing system: the Hangul Academy.

It takes about fifteen minutes for a person to learn how to read the basic Hangul characters, form syllables, and then link them with the correct intonation. We are now ready to recognise, read and pronounce individual Korean words. It’s no surprise that linguists consider Hangul the world’s most logical and ingenious writing system.

Hangul Academy also works fine on the go or while traveling thanks to the adaptable alphabet table and the phonetic instructions. Students who want to dig deeper in a chapterind further information linked in the margin column.